More Coronavirus cases maybe identified in April: Rajesh Tope

More Coronavirus cases maybe identified in April: Rajesh Tope

Despite all the safety measures and the social distancing that we have been practising, there can be a sharp increase in the case of people suffering from Coronavirus. Talking to media, State health Minister was quoted saying that, "State could witness a sharp increase in coronavirus cases in April". 

Maharashtra is one of the worst-hit states in the country with 49 people testing positive. Out of these 10 are from Mumbai. There is currently no cure or vaccine to deal with Coronavirus. This virus started from Wuhan in China and has spread all across the country. 

Rajesh Tope has said that we are currently in stage 2 and it has not yet reached the community spread stage. They are various efforts being made to curtail it from spreading any further. However, it has been found that many people who are asked to stay on home quartine are not following the orders and often seen attending weddings or social functions. There have also been instances of people with the home quarantine stamp boarding trains and other public transport for long-distance travel. One such case was of four people with a travel history to COVID-19 impacted country taking a train to Surat even after being prescribed home quarantine. They were later de-boarded in Palgarh and handed over to the respective authorities. 

Most people understanding the gravity of the situation and how they are jeopardising the health of others that are travelling with them. 

The state is taking various measures to ensure that the spread of this virus can be stopped. There is a lockdown being ordered wherein malls, cinema halls, gyms etc are shut. Most shops that are selling non-essential goods have also been asked to shut on alternative days. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi too while addressing the nation said that while world powers are struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, developing countries like India will find it a big challenge to tackle and curb it.

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