Union Minister Narayan Rane Granted Bail

The court, after hearing arguments from both parties, granted bail to Rane.

Union Minister Narayan Rane Granted Bail

Union Minister Narayan Rane was produced before the Mahad Magistrate for making controversial statements about Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. Whilst the police had demanded seven days of police custody for Rane, the court, after hearing both arguments from the parties, granted bail to Rane.

Narayan Rane was brought to Mahad after his arrest in Golwali. After that, the hearing was held before the Mahad Magistrate, Babasaheb Patil, wherein Rane’s family members were present as well.

At this time, the police demanded seven days of police custody of Rane. However, his lawyer, Adik Shirodkar argued that his client should be granted bail, citing that his age and health weren’t good. The lawyer also informed the court about the medicines being taken by Rane and requested bail since he was also diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure.

The lawyer added that allegedly, no notice was given before Rane’s arrest. With the above arguments, Rane was granted bail.

However, with the bail being granted, there are speculations that Shiv Sainiks will be agitating in Mahad. If reports are to be believed, a large number of BJP workers have arrived in Mahad to defend Rane.

With the influx of Rane supporters from various parts of Ratnagiri, Raigad and Mumbai, a large number of workers from both parties are expected to come forward. Therefore, a large contingent of police has been deployed, stated accounts.  

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