Violence follows post BJP's win in BMC election


Bharatiya Janata Party was known for its politeness but on Friday BJP MLA Narendra Mehta with his huge followers tried to attack journalist Vasant Mane in his house in Mira- Bhayandar.

BJP MLA Narendra Mehta like a Willian of any film with his followers went to the journalist’s house with an intention of attacking him. Vasant Mane is Editor of a local weekly magazine, Mane published an offensive image of Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis wearing a saree and dancing on the beats Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray, after which Mane had to face the consequences.

Mehta and his followers first went to the Bhayandar police station and then headed towards the house of Mane. Mehta and his followers made an attempt to attack Mane but were unsuccessful. As Bhayandar police successfully managed the situation.