Waris Pathan abuses police


The video was shared on November 18, 2016, from Byculla where AIMIM MLA Waris Pathan was seen interacting with Mumbai Police when people in the area were asked to lower down the loud speaker’s volume voice. As per reports, MLA interfered in the matter and asked police to politely handle the situation, stating that the public in the locality was following the law and order. Further, it is also said that the organisers of the event had permission until 10 PM, owing to which the police cannot ask them to stop the event.

However, the video also shows Pathan in a bad mood, and it is seen that he is addressing the police with a raised voice, asking them to handle the situation with respect. He claimed that the police entered the mosque premises with the shoes on and did not behave in a respectful manner. Further, he also said that if the police fail to behave in the right manner, they will seek legal action regarding the same.

He supported the locals in the best possible manner and also asked them to continue the event and celebration by keeping the norms and permission in mind.

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