Who rules the BMC? Marathi corporators

Who rules the BMC? Marathi corporators

Mumbai – Every other political party claims that Marathi manoos is leaving Mumbi city. But this year’s BMC election says otherwise. 144 Marathi corporators have been elected in this year’s BMC elections. Compared to the existing corporators, non-Marathi corporators have increased by mere 8-10 %. And so, currently, Marathi corporators are the ones who are holding on to BMC.

A large number of non-Marathi candidates contested this year’s BMC elections and they got votes as well. But, that did not help the number of non-Marathi corporators which did not go up. More than 60% Marathi corporators have got elected and so BMC is going to buzz with Marathi speaking corporators.

Currently BMC has 64 non- Marathi speaking corporators and in this year’s BMC election, 83 non- Marathi cororators got elected. If we compare last BMC elections and the current one, then 19 non Marathi corportors have increased.

Party    BMC Elections 2017     BMC Elections 2012
BJP                       42                              12
Congress              22                              29
Shiv Sena             05                              01
Independent          02                              08
MIM                       02                              00
SP                         05                              06
NCP                      05                               04

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