Who will inaugurate Rane’s hospital in Sindhudurg? Sonia or Shah?

    Who will inaugurate Rane’s hospital in Sindhudurg? Sonia or Shah?
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    Mumbai – These days, Narayan Rane is at the centre of political discussion not only in the political circles but also in the media. Rane’s growing disenchantment with Congress leadership and his possible entry in the BJP have become the hot topics in Maharashtra. On this backdrop, the alleged meeting between Rane and BJP president Amit Shah at Ahmedabad has once again grabbed media attention. Rane who is known for his frank opinions, seems to be hiding the truth and why he is doing that? Mumbai Live got the inputs behind the real motive of Rane’s Ahmedabad visit.

    Rane’s MLA son, Nilesh Rane, had accompanied his father to Ahmedabad. He had said, “Our Ahmedabad visit was regarding the work of our hospital in Sindhudurg.” No one paid attention to this statement though it cannot be asserted as full truth. The construction work of Rane family’s hospital in Sindhudurg is nearing completion and it is soon to be inaugurated at the hands of Congress president Sonia Gandhi. Rane had officially invited Sonia Gandhi for this inauguration function and the Congress president has even accepted it. Looking at the failing health of Sonia Gandhi, her tour for hospital’s inauguration may get cancelled. If this happens, it will directly be connected to Rane’s disillusionment with the Congress party.

    The highly advanced hospital at Sindhudurg is the dream project of Rane family which is well established in the hotel business. Rane, along with his both the sons, had visited many countries for this hospital’s work when he was a minister in the Congress regime. Though the hospital’s construction work is nearing completion, it still lacks many government clearances. As per sources, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis is not cooperating with the former chief minister as far as clearances for this hospital are concerned. Rane requires the intervention of BJP national president to get clearances for his dream project though all these concerned persons may most likely deny it.

    During Rane’s Ahmedabad visit to meet Shah, he might have discussed his conditions to join the ruling party in Maharashtra but he also might have discussed the hospital issues.
    Narayan Rane has to play one of his crucial political moves. Still, the question remains to be answered that who will inaugurate Rane’s hospital in the heart of Konkan. Only time will tell whether the name of inaugurator on hospital’s invitation cards will change or not.

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