Women 'draws' Big

Women 'draws' Big

Andheri - Block rearrangement in Andheri K/West ward -

8 blocks reserved for women out of 13blocks.
Those who are bearing the brunt of the draw -
Dileep Patel
Mohsin Haider
Amit Satam
Raju Pednekar
Changez Multani
Sanjay Pawar
There are few who are probably seeking a comeback -
Bala Amberkar Block -62 OBC
Jyotsna Dighe Block - 60 General
Jyoti Sutar Block -64 reserved for Female
Vaneeta Marucha Block -68 General
Vineeta Vora Block - 70 reserved for female
Bhavana Mangale Block - 71 General
This is the list of those who faced the music and those who will dance on to the draw.