MHADA excluded master list houses in the lottery


For this year's lottery, the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) had decided to include more than 150 houses provided by the Mumbai Repair and Reconstruction Board which will be announced in November. The latter was trying to do the same for four months which is against the act. However, Mumbai Live exposed the scam after which MHADA decided tp drop the idea of adding 150 houses.

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Which houses come under the master list?
Houses which are allocated to project affected people fall under master list which is provided by the Mumbai Repair and Reconstruction Board. These houses are reserved and no one can distribute them to anyone else. However, these 153 houses were eating dust due to the uneven size which starts from 160 square feet and can go beyond 300 square feet. As these houses were lying vacant, the Mumbai Repair and Reconstruction Board decided to add these houses to blow up the number.

Residents who have been allotted the houses in a transit camp, were also angry owing to the MHADA’s stance of adding them to the lottery. They had planned to go to the High Court but eventually, they dropped the plan when the MHADA back out.

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