Meet 22-Year-Old Haimanti Sen Who Has Turned A Skywalk Into A School For Underprivileged Kids

Haimanti Sen founded her NGO 'Junoon' in October 2018 and teaches underprivileged kids at a skywalk in Kandivali

Meet 22-Year-Old Haimanti Sen Who Has Turned A Skywalk Into A School For Underprivileged Kids

Mumbai's Haimanti Sen has redefined phrases 'age is just a number' and 'where there is a will there is a way' by initiating to teach underprivileged kids at a skywalk in Kandivali at the age of 22. It all started when she used to see these kids in her vicinity just passing their time and begging on the roads. Do these kids understand the importance of education? Do they even know what Right To Education (RTE) is? Do they even go to school in the first place? These questions and the fact that these kids have bleak opportunities in the future disturbed her immensely.    

The Start

It all started in October 2018 when she approached the children's parents and learned that they do not go to school. These kids belong to a tribal community which has always been looked down upon. Even if few were enrolled in schools, they never really attended regularly. Irrespective of whether they attend school, she started teaching basic art, craft, communication skills, basic mathematics and English to the kids on alternate days in the evening.

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Looking at the positive reaction by the kids and experiencing their growth, I started an NGO named Junoon and 7-8 people happily volunteered in teaching the kids regularly. This has not only given the children hope about the future but has also changed their life drastically. They have started picking up on skills and are learning something new every day. Taking into account their conditions at their home they never really had a role-model to look up to. However, they are slowly learning to dress well and behave appropriately looking at the volunteers. - Haimanti Sen

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The Change

Even though there had been a myriad of obstacles, Haimanti Sen has risen above everything and has filled the childrens' lives with hope and joy. Though she has received much-deserved-appreciation from people, there were few naysayers who complained about her for allegedly creating nuisance where apparently the kids troubled the commuters. However, in spite of all this, she has witnessed tremendous development within the kids who have now started going to school regularly.  

Haimanti Sen is indeed an inspiration and a reformer who has been featured in many articles and videos highlighting her major achievements as the 'good samaritan' in many ways. She has always had the growing fervour of redefining humanity in humans, one child at a time. 

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