Conversations Mumbai's insightful evening with Gauri Prasad Mahadik and Ujwala Bagawade

Conversations Mumbai, a unique idea sharing platform hosted its second edition with inspiring and eminent speakers like Gauri Prasad Mahadik and Ujwala Bagawade.

  • Conversations Mumbai's insightful evening with Gauri Prasad Mahadik and Ujwala Bagawade

Conversations Mumbai, a unique idea sharing platform with the intention to inspire people and develop out-of-the-box thinking by bringing together successful & unique individuals from different walks of life held its second event over the weekend. 

Speakers from diverse backgrounds shared their life story, giving the live audience a deep insight into what it takes to break the clutter and stand out from the rest. They shared how they came up with their eccentric ideas, their initial setbacks, the thought process and how they are keeping pace with the ever-changing environment. 

The first key speaker was Gauri Prasad Mahadik, proud wife of Late Major Prasad Ganesh Mahadik, Lawyer, CS and Service Selection Board (SSB) topper who is all set to join the Army as a Lieutenant and serve the country. She is currently training at the Officer’s Training Academy in Chennai and will be commissioned as a Lieutenant in the non-technical category for war-widows. Major Prasad Mahadik was martyred during his duty in the Indo-China border at Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh in December 2017.

Prasad and Gauri met through a matrimonial site. She remembers loving how sincere and down to earth he was. They were of opposite nature - while Gauri was talkative, he was reserved. Regardless, they fit like two pieces of a puzzle.

Sharing her experiences she said, “Everyday counts and one should live life to the fullest. Money is not everything, It's striking that some memories, though small, leave impressions that last decades.”

Talking about her loss she further said, “We shared everything with each other and had planned everything mutually. Right from finances and investments to sharing passwords. That made things easy after him, as I was aware of everything and joining the Indian army would be the best tribute to my husband.”

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The second speaker was Ujwala Bagawade, a homemaker turned Social Worker. Founder of an innovative concept ‘We together Grain Bank’ which is supplying over 30,000 kgs of foodgrains to the people in need. We together Grain Bank is an initiative which was envisaged by 1, started by 7 and now supported by 70 volunteers, it’s a unique entity run by women, primarily housewives in a cohesive way like never before.

Speaking about her initiative, Ujwala Bagawade inspired the audience and said, “Come out of the cozy feeling of being content and perceive the world differently. Be a little unsatisfied with yourself and only then you will grow. Your first priority should always be the welfare of the country followed by your family and then you.”

The event was nothing less than encouraging and proved to be a perfect initiative in this Women’s day month. Asmita Neve-Pawar, the Chief Curator of Conversations Mumbai was overwhelmed by the spectacular response of the audience.

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