The parameter of success for me is not the TRP race : Raja Betaa actor Rrahul Sudhir

Zee TV is all set to open its early prime time slot with Rajaa Betaa featuring newbies Rrahul Suhir and Sambhabna Mohanty as main leads. Produced by SOBO Films , the show will go on air from January 15.


Zee TV’s latest offering ‘Rajaa Betaa’ is about an ideal son who holds his family together despite the various setbacks. The fictional drama will see actors Rrahul Sudhir and Sambhabna Mohanty as the main leads of the show.

Rrahul Sudhir will be marking his television debut with Raja Beta, earlier he was seen in a web series called ‘Twisted’ alongside actress Nia Sharma. In the show, he will be seen playing the character of Vedant Tripathi, who is a highly qualified gynaecologist. Talking about the show and the character Rrahul averred, “Vedant is one in the Tripathi family who earns money for the livelihood of the family. He very well knows how to keep the family bonded together and respect relationships. The storyline is very interesting; it will change the perception of societies of looking out for an ideal man.”

Adding further Sambhabna said, “Poorva is a very independent girl, who loves to stay in a bubble and is governed by her own principles and beliefs. I can totally relate to the character because in real life I am somewhat similar to Poorva and therefore it didn’t take much of groundwork for me. This is the first time that I am venturing into television and I am looking forward to this new journey that I am set to explore”.

‘Rajaa Betaa’ will be aired in the early primetime slot when asked the cast about their take on the TRP rating race, Rrahul mentioned, “I understand TRP’s are very important and also it is the only purpose of making shows. Higher the TRP ratings are, longer the show runs that is the success, however, for me the parameter of being successful is different. “

Produced by SOBO Films, the show will go on air from January 15, 2019, every Monday to Saturday at 6:30 pm.