Accident on Mumbai-Pune expressway disrupts traffic movement

After a massive milk tanker overturned along the Mumbai-Pune expressway, the vehicle toppled blocking the lanes, causing traffic disruption on the expressway.

Accident on Mumbai-Pune expressway disrupts traffic movement

On Monday, November 30, a massive milk tanker overturned along the Mumbai-Pune expressway after it rammed into a truck ahead of it near Adoshi tunnel at Khopoli, as per reports.

This caused both the vehicles to topple sideways as it blocked the lanes. This ended up disrupting the traffic movement towards Mumbai causing inconveniences amongst the commuters. According to sources, IRB Yatranna along with the Highway Traffic Police had arrived at the spot immediately to remove the milk tanker from the route in order to work on the traffic.

The Mumbai to Pune route is heavily congested with many vehicles traversing between the two cities every day. Accidents are more frequent on this route due to the high speed of vehicles. Therefore, in order to curb the increase in the number of accidents, the traffic police had earlier issued instructions to reduce the speed while driving. However, drivers still drive at breakneck speeds which leads to such unfortunate incidents.

In the past, the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation’s (MSRTC) bus which was en route Mumbai from Panvel met with an accident on Thursday, November 26. According to sources, the bus was coming from Satara to Mumbai. At that time, a heavy vehicle like a trailer or a truck hit the ST. The impact was so severe that one side of the bus was completely cut off causing serious injuries to the sleeping passengers. As of now, the highway police have been conducting an investigation on the driver who hit the bus and fled the spot.

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