Relief for passengers; Fare for ST buses won’t increase

With an increase in the administrative cost of the ST board, the ticket price was set to increase by 18 per cent until the State Government postponed it


From now, travelling in State transport (ST) buses will be expensive for the general public. ST bus transport board announced to increase the fare from Friday midnight.

However, the Maharashtra government has not yet given permission to implement the hike. Price of ST bus tickets was to increase by 18 per cent.

With the increase in petrol prices and the demand of salary hike by ST workers, there has been a massive increase in the administrative cost of the state bus department. Thus, increasing a hike in the ticket price was announced. 

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Due to the petrol price hike, the average monthly expenditure on the transport board is now ₹460 crore. This has increased the financial burden on ST corporation.

Earlier, the transportation board decided to increase the fare by 30 per cent but considering that it might be problematic for the passengers, the hike was fixed by 18 per cent.

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