Bamandongri, Kharkopar stations sell 3,072 tickets on Day 1

The new rail line was inaugurated on November 11 and was left open for public November 12 onwards. On its first day, the Railways sold 3,072 tickets at Bamandongri and Kharkopar station

Bamandongri, Kharkopar stations sell 3,072 tickets on Day 1

On November 11, the Harbour Railways received a new rail route after rail service between Nerul and Uran was inaugurated. After which, on November 12, the route was opened for public use and it was seen that the rail service received a good response after Railways sold 3,072 tickets at Kharkopar and Bamandongri station.

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As the construction work for Nerul-Uran is ongoing, currently, the 12 km rail route between Nerul and Kharkopar has been kept open for public use and according to the reports, the route will witness 40 train journeys daily between the above-mentioned route.

By Monday evening, at 4:00 pm, the officials stated that 2,130 tickets were sold at Bamandongri station whereas, at Kharkopar station, 942 tickets were sold. A senior railway official stated that they had received more than ₹90,000 in revenue from the ticket sale.

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