Why are flights at Mumbai airport often delayed?

Flight traffic at Mumbai airport will be smooth

Why are flights at Mumbai airport often delayed?

Recently, the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation has instructed the Mumbai Airport that no aircraft should land before its scheduled time under normal circumstances to facilitate the flow of flights at the Mumbai Airport. Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia has himself taken the initiative on February 14 to improve the disrupted flight schedule at Mumbai airport.

Mumbai Airport used to have more than 100 flights per day out of about a thousand flights that used to circle the air for an hour or more to land here. Not only do the passengers suffer from delayed landings, but each flight also incurs a loss of approximately INR 2 lakh in the form of additional fuel wastage.

Now, after the Union Minister's intervention in this matter, flights delayed by an hour or more have been stopped, but some flights are still landing 15 minutes to half an hour late. The main reason for this is that around 100 flights arrive here every day to land before their scheduled time.

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In this case too, Union Minister Scindia has intervened and asked Mumbai Airport MIAL to create such a system in collaboration with airlines and ATC. Under normal circumstances many flights should not reach here before their scheduled time. Because in this way the planes arriving at other times are delayed many times to land the earlier ones. Sources in the ministry say that these orders are being reviewed so that the problem is completely eradicated.

In fact, the biggest problem of Mumbai airport is that despite having two runways, only one runway is used at a time. Because, both runways are crossing each other at one place. In such a situation, even though the movement of planes here has reached 1000, if both the runways here were ready for flight at the same time like Delhi, this load of planes would not have increased much.

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