Mulund-Airoli route to be toll-free for a month

After the Mumbra by-pass road went under construction, the state government declared the Mulund-Airoli road toll-free for a month. However, heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks will have to pay toll.


The Mulund-Airoli toll plaza has been made toll free for a month by the state government. However, the facility has only been kept for light vehicles and trucks along with buses will be devoid of concession. Due to the repair work of the Mumbra bypass road, the government has spared the light vehicles from paying the toll on the route.

The condition of Mumbra bypass has deteriorated and is being repaired for use. However, as long as the repair work is not concluded, the route has been shut down for transportation. Due to which, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai and Thane residents were facing trouble in travelling by the road and thus, they resorted to using the Mulund-Airoli route. But, during peak hours the line for paying toll at the toll plaza would be two to three kilometres long.

The passengers complained that when they were passing through the Mumbra bypass, they did not have to pay the toll but now they are forced to pay the toll and thus, the toll collection must be stopped.

After which, Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSDRC) declared that the route will be toll-free for light vehicles but heavy vehicles, i.e. trucks and buses will have to pay the toll.

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