Ola-Uber strike enters eighth day

The drivers are planning for a march from Chakala’s Ola office to Kurla’s Uber office besides meeting Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis

Ola-Uber strike enters eighth day

As Ola-Uber management is in no mood to negotiate, the drivers are now planning to meet CM Devendra Fadnavis with their demands of increasing charge per km and minimum fare.

On October 22, the strike kicked off under the banner of Maharashtra Rajya Rashtriya Kamgar Sangh (MRRKS). Drivers want Ola and Uber to revise the guiding fares and commissions.

Govind Mohite, leader of MRRKS informed that they will be carrying out a peaceful march from Ola office in Chakala to Kurla’s Uber office on Monday.

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Drivers are of the demand that the minimum fare should be between ₹100 and ₹150 and per km fare should be between ₹18 and ₹23. They also want the company to stop buying new vehicles and to give preference to existing vehicles.

Meanwhile, commuters are finding it difficult to hire a cab due to the higher waiting time and hiked prices.

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