All you need to know about the first-ever AC local train

The total capacity of the rake is 5964 passengers with 1,028 seating capacity and 4,936 standing capacity


The long-awaited dream of travelling in an Air-Conditioned local train has become a reality on December 25, when the first AC local ran on the Western Line. This local departed from Borivali station to Churchgate. Now, Mumbaikars are keen to know more about this train and its services.

Salient Features of Air Conditioned EMU

  • Manufactured by Integral Coach Factory, Chennai of Indian Railways
  • Fully air-conditioned rake with a capacity of 30 Ton per coach
  • Automatic Door closure system
  • LED-based lighting for better illumination and energy conservation
  • Equipped with Emergency Talk-back system. Passengers can seek assistance from guard of the train in distress condition
  • Passenger-carrying capacity- seats 1028 Nos. and total 5964 passengers
  • LED-based coach identification system for alarm chain pulling & door malfunctioning
  • GPS based passenger information system with audio-visual indication of stations
  • Stainless steel coaches with straight side walls
  • Air suspension system for better Passenger comfort
  • Maximum speed – 100 Km/hour
  • Air Conditioned Driving Cab
  • Aerodynamic nose cone driving cab
  • Wide and large double sealed glass window for panoramic view
  • Comfortable modular polycarbonate seats for passengers

The total capacity of the rake is 5964 passengers with 1028 seating capacity and 4936 standing capacity.

Automatic Door Closing System

  • Train will not start or take traction if any of the doors of the train is open
  • Automatic door will not open till the train comes to a complete halt
  • The door can open both from inside and from outside of the coach with the help of emergency exit device. This device can also be used if the door fails to open automatically when required. However, this emergency exit device will not operate when the train is in motion
  • The location of emergency door opening device (operating rotary handle near door) and the method of its operation is displayed inside the coach for guidance to the passenger
  • To avoid injury to passengers during the closing operation of the door, doors will re-open thrice if any obstruction detection takes place. After the first detection of an obstruction, there will be an audio alarm to caution the passengers about door closing.
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