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Traffic congestion costs Daily commuters in Mumbai 85 minutes every day

Traffic congestion costs Daily commuters in Mumbai 85 minutes every day

A study conducted by ITDP India in partnership with the Symbiosis School of Economics has revealed the sorry state of traffic congestion in Mumbai. The study revealed that an average Mumbaikar loses 85 minutes in a day stuck in traffic jams. The traffic congestion gets worse in the evenings with around 90% of the citizens reportedly affected. This study covered a total of 1,200 users including motorcyclists, app-based cab drivers, private car owners, office car users, and so on.  

Most of the users (75%) supported the implementation of a congestion tax which has been pitched already but is yet to be put in place by the authorities. On the other hand, those who are not willing to pay a congestion tax, especially car owners and motorcyclists, are reportedly willing to consider using public transport as a countermeasure to congestion.  

42% of the users said they faced some kind of health troubles due to the congestion in traffic, while 46% mentioned that it impacted their personal time. Western Express Highway (WEH) and SV Road are the areas most affected by congestion, the report added. It is said that 55% of the traffic in these areas travel at 20 kph during peak hours with speeds dipping to as low as 6 kph in some parts.  It is said that Mumbai needs to build 1,100 km of built roads and add 6,000 more buses to reduce the flow of privately owned cars or motorcycles in the streets. The proposed 192 km Metro line is also expected to ease congestion in the city significantly.   

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