A Job Portal for performing arts

A Job Portal for performing arts

Prabhadevi - Perfoming arts has been the backbone of human civilization. Every human being in invovled in this knowingly or unknowingly. But our society has generally neglected the performing arts as a career option. You will find a number of job portal offering positions across various sectors.

That's the reason why Kalakuteer at the P.L .Deshpande Kala academy launched a new android based app is to explore career opportunities for people in performing arts field.
On this app, artists can register for job opportunities and upload their profiles and CV's for prospective employers . All the data will kept confidential and users can also turn on or turn off the notifications as well.
This app was launched by Ashwini Karnik, Director, Kalakutir in the presence of senior actor Kishor Pradhan.
Post the launch, Marathi rock band Moksh performed at this occasion