DeMo hits Fashion Street hard


Churchgate - Fashion Street, one of the most visited places in swank South Mumbai, is currently bearing the brunt of demonetisation.
DeMo has turned away many a customer who are avoiding buying at the lovingly known FS due to lack of smaller denomination notes, which primarily drive the business of clothes and accessories on this trendy street. Shop owners say they are not able to retain the change as they have to give the money to their respective owners. "We are facing losses due to demonetisation. Many of the customers bring Rs. 2000 notes, but we have to turn them away because we don't have the change to return. We have been scouring nearby shops for the change but even they say the same. We will be glad if the BMC provides us with swipe machines,” says a harried street vendor Mohammed Khan. Another street vendor Rajesh Chavhan seconds Mohammed, adding that FS cannot go cashless as most of the street vendors are poor and so they cannot afford changing over to a digital world.