BMC's 383 public toilets in Mumbai are dangerous

Of the 934 toilets in 20 departments, 383 public toilets have been identified as dangerous.


Modi government, in its reign of four years, has laid a lot of emphasis on sanitation and using toilets. Several public toilets in Mumbai are timeworn and in a really bad condition. The toilets are also dirty due to lack of regular cleaning.

The audit of all the toilets of the 24 wards in Mumbai is being conducted. The audit of toilets of 20 wards out of the 24 wards has been completed.

The BMC Commissioner had ordered the investigation of all the public toilets in Mumbai in January. 934 toilets were checked in 20 departments and out of these, 383 public toilets were listed in the hazardous category. Public toilets have been audited in all the Department Offices except B, C, E and G-South.

Hazardous public toilets

M-West ward: 158 public toilets
N ward: 70 public toilets
S ward: 49 public toilets
D ward: 26 public toilets

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