BMC officials will lose 50 per cent salary if projects are delayed

The circular was issued to all supervisory executive engineers who are supervising the civic work. The official note also mentioned that 20 per cent payment from the contractor's due will also be deducted if the work is delayed


Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Commissioner Praveen Pardeshi issued a circular which stated that 50 per cent salary of the civic body officials will be deducted if the projects don’t meet deadlines. 

The circular was issued to all supervisory executive engineers who are supervising the civic work. The official note also mentioned that 20 per cent payment from the contractor's due will also be deducted if the work is delayed. 

The project timelines are not achieved in major cases and the reason was given by the concerned officials for the same are frivolous. The failure to achieve timelines will be viewed seriously and 50 per cent salary of the concerned executive engineer will be deducted,” the circular said.

This move will make the concerned officials accountable for the completion of several civic projects. BMC spends nearly ₹10,000 crore on public work every year. However, due to the delay in the work process, the cost for the projects increase majorly.

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As of now, the tenders have been invited for the construction of 10 bridges which were labelled as “dangerous”. The BMC said that if the work is completed early, it will reward the contractor up to 10 per cent of the contractual amount. However, if the work is delayed, 20 per cent of the project cost will be deducted. 

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