BMC spent only 20% of its budget

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    BMC spent only 20% of its budget
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    Mumbai- BMC elections are nearing and ruling party leaders are seen performing bhoomipujan and inaugurating the pending projects. However, according to the BMC official, only 20% of Rs. 37 crores was spent on civic projects. In coming two to three months, code of conduct will be imposed and BMC's remaining budget will go in drains. This is how BMC spent on its projects.



    Budget - RS. 3,886 crore
    Expenses- Rs. 80 crore
    Work- 2.7%

    Health department
    Budget- Rs. 904.64 crore
    Expenses- Rs 159.55 crore
    Work- 17.64%

    Education dept
    Budget- Rs. 324.57 crore
    Expenses- Rs.58.82 crore
    Work- 18.12%

    Water and Storm
    water drainage dept
    Budget- Rs. 2,575.31 crore
    Expanses- Rs. 475.30 crore
    Work- 18.46%

    Fire Department
    Budget- Rs. 323 crore
    Expenses- Rs. 67.47 crore
    Work- 20.84%

    IT dept
    Budget- Rs. 134.82 crore
    Expenses- Rs. 58.73 crore
    Work- 43.56%

    Solid Waste Management
    Budget- Rs. 234.89 crore
    Expenses- Rs. 46.38 crore
    Work- 19.74%

    Budget- Rs. 383.82 crore
    Expenses – Rs. 96.56 crore
    Work- 25.16%

    Budget- Rs. 54.81 crore
    Expenses- Rs. 1.25 crore
    Work- 2.28%

    Budget- Rs. 74.58 crore
    Expenses- Rs. 13.42 crore

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