BMC to reserve 10 per cent space for e-waste in new garbage compactors

Currently, BMC has 94 garbage compactors which are used to carry dry waste


Though the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to segregate dry and wet waste, in reality, the civic body does not have the proper mechanism to lift the dry waste.

Therefore, while signing the new contracts, the civic body will reserve 10 per cent for dry waste and e-waste which will be carried off to the dumping ground along with the wet waste.

The BMC has organised special garbage compactors which carry only dry waste from the societies. In the begining, 46 such compactors were provided by the BMC and now the number has gone up to 94. Henceforth, one garbage compactor will carry wet, dry and e-waste but in different compartments.

The solid waste management department officials believe that this practice will help people to segregate the waste in a proper manner and it will help also in lessening the burden on the dumping grounds.

BMC commissioner Ajoy Mehta said that new garbage vans provided by M S W will help in segregating waste in an efficient way.

Types of garbage compactors

  • Big compactors- 6 metric tonne waste
  • Site loading compactors- 6 metric tonne waste
  • Small compactors- 2.5 metric tonne waste
  • Small closed vans- 0.6 metric tonne waste