Bombay HC - Stop illegal selling of pets

Bombay HC - Stop illegal selling of pets

The Bombay High Court has ordered the closure of the sale of illegal birds in Mumbai. In regard with this Advocate Sayunkta De and Adv. Abhishek Yande has filed a petition in the court against illegal sale of birds. 

They demand legal action against all those involved in the act. They even submitted an affidavit that comprises pictures of the market showing the poor condition of birds and animals. During the hearing, the court had ordered the closure of shops of animal birds sold in Mumbai, including the Crawford Market.

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The petitioner alleged that shopkeepers treat animals with cruelty and keep them in small cages. At the same time, he also alleged that many animals are kept unconscious by giving them intoxicants. 

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The petition claims that the shops sell puppies taken away from their mothers. After hearing all these issues, the court ordered the closure of this illegal act.

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