Eman to be discharged in the next 2 days

Eman to be discharged in the next 2 days

Considering that Eman’s condition is stable now, Dr Muzzafal Lakadwala has announced that she would be discharged in the next 2 days. Further, Dr Lakkadwala added that she is mostly out of danger now and was quite upset given that Eman’s Sister Shaimaa Selim had blamed him saying that there’s no improvement in Eman’s condition.

As per Eman’s sister, the doctors at the Saifee hospital were not taking the required care and attention that was supposed to be given. Moreover, she alleged that Eman has not lost more than 100 kgs of weight and her condition is not stable. She says that Eman can’t walk or move on her own. On the other hand, Dr Shehabi said that the hospital did not at all promise to treat her all ailments and have treated her for her obesity which is why she is being sent home.

Other than this, the doctors assert that they feel that Eman’s family members are not keen to take her responsibility for her further treatment and want to keep her in the hospital itself. The doctors added that she would be in a better position to recover if she stays with her family members. Dr Lakadwala mentioned that he last took her weight on 24 April and recorded that it was 171 kgs. He also added that he is a bariatric surgeon and not a neurosurgeon.

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