Posting banners wishing politicos will invite an FIR: BMC

Police will take action against people putting up banners without a complaint from BMC


Mumbai city is known for many things but one particular thing that defines the city is its ‘political banners’. Entering the city, one cannot miss these banners which are put up in every possible corner.

It is a ritual where party workers feel its mandatory to show-off their (unnecessary) love through big hoardings and deface the city. But now, these over-enthusiastic party workers have to control their feelings as these banners will land them in trouble.

Henceforth, if Mumbai police come across such banners, they will not wait for any complaint letter issued by BMC officials but will take direct action against the individual who has put up the banners, confirmed Deputy Commissioner (Special) Nidhi Chaudhary.

According to the court directive, the advertisement of banners, wishing politicos in Mumbai is strictly prohibited. Following which, in 2014, the BMC removed all illegal banners but it did not last long. They came back with a bang and still continues to deface the city. 

With the FIR order, we can only hope that, in coming days, will not get to see posters and banners wishing some random party leader.