MMRDA will remove roofs of 21 FOBs in Mumbai

MMRDA has decided to remove roofs of 21 FOBs in order to avoid overcrowding under it during the rains


Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) will be removing roofs of 21 Foot Over Bridges (FOB). Amidst the Himalaya Bridge collapse and Elphinstone (Prabhadevi) stampede, which was caused due to overcrowding as people find shelter under these bridges during monsoon.   

MMRDA will be further removing the advertisement hoardings on it and will be painting it white and grey to enhance its beauty and reduce its load. The MMRDA authority believes that these measures will ensure that there is less load on the FOB and thereby avoid any mishaps. 

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However, Mumbaikars feel that MMRDA should come up with more concrete ideas to tackle this problem. 

Notably, the Elphinstone Road stampede in 2017 was caused when 4 trains arrived simultaneously on 2 platforms and there was overcrowding on the FOB. The situation became further grave when people were waiting on the FOB as it was raining and weren't allowing other people to pass by. In this incident, 23 people were killed and 39 were injured. 

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