Monsoon likely to start withdrawing from September 28 onwards: IMD

Monsoon likely to start withdrawing from September 28 onwards: IMD

This week the maximum city has seen an increased rain activity. While most people thought the monsoon was on a decline, rains proved them completely wrong. It started raining pouring in Mumbai on Tuesday and continued to rain in most parts of the city all through Wednesday. 

As a result, there was flooding in several parts of the city. There were traffic snarls and some places even reported that water had entered their homes. Visuals of flooding at Nair Hospital in Mumbai went viral in no time. There were also several incidents of trees falling and short circuit that was reported from various parts of the city. 

However, now Mumbaikars can let out a sigh of relief as Mumbai Rains are finally on a decline. As per IMD, monsoon will start receding from the country from September 28.

From this date, south-west Monsoon will start withdrawing from West Rajasthan and adjoining areas. The normal withdrawal date for monsoon from west Rajasthan is September 17. This year it has been delayed due to late surge in rains over the West Coast, East India and parts of Central India. Once it starts retreating from west Rajasthan, the withdrawal starts from other parts of India as well. 

Having said, that Mumbai is likely to receive moderate rain even in the coming week. The rain activity will significantly reduce in the week of October 2nd to 8th and it will rain only in some parts of Vidarbha. 

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