BJP MP provides free COVID-19 vaccinations

Moreover, the vaccines for the coronavirus was provided to citizens of the age group 18-44.

BJP MP provides free COVID-19 vaccinations

In order to fasten the vaccination process, BJP MP Manoj Kotak provided free COVID-19 vaccinations to 500 auto-drivers, which included both males as well as female drivers.

Moreover, the vaccine was provided to citizens of the age group 18-44. The auto-drivers were earlier reportedly demanding the status of frontline workers since their work demands them to be on the road all the time. This poses a higher risk for them as it increases the chances of getting infected with the deadly virus.

Earlier on June 16, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray directed senior doctors and officers to ensure medicines and health equipment be available across all urban and rural areas.

This comes as the state-appointed COVID-19 task force reportedly expressed apprehension that a third wave of the coronavirus could possibly hit the state in a month or two if appropriate behaviour was not followed.

On the other hand, the BJP MP from Mumbai North East Manoj Kotak had earlier stated that the delay in the metro railway project is due to the indifference of the Maharashtra government. Moreover, the relocation of the metro car shed has further increased the delay and hence the cost of the project is also increasing.

In a statement at the Lok Sabha, Kotak further stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi worked to give impetus to metro rail schemes in different cities for the development of metros further adding that if there was a BJP government in any state, then metro projects were carried out.

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