The Union Government exempts sanitary napkins from the GST slab

Delhi Finance Minister Manish Sisodia announced it in the 28th GST meet that took place in New Delhi on Staurday


After a long debate, the union ministry finally exempted sanitary napkins from the Goods and Services Tax (GST) slab. The decision of taxing sanitary napkins was criticised across the state as a larger section of women face problems when it comes to accessing napkins owing to its high price. Previously, the sanitary pads were kept under the 12 per cent GST slab.

The decision was taken during the 28th GST meet that took place in New Delhi on Saturday. Delhi Finance Minister Manish Sisodia confirmed the same.

It is believed that now sanitary napkins will be available at ₹22 to ₹25 with the current price of the napkins being ₹30.

Last year, many groups protested against taxing the sanitary napkins. One such was Nationalist Congress Party’s president Chitra Wagh NCP Women's Wing, President.who send napkins to the Prime Minister and Finance Minister through the Indian Postal Service marking their protest. Wagh who had commented that women have to rely on unhygienic conditions is now welcoming the union government’s decision.

I would say, better late than never. We are happy with a decision but we had to fight for our basic needs. If this would have happened last year, so many organisations would not have to fight,” Chitra Wagh, NCP Women's Wing, President. 

The social activist from Latur, Chaya Kakde too fought against taxing the sanitary napkins. She protested at Azad Maidan demanding the government to lower the price of the napkins. 

I am very happy with the union government’s decision. Earlier, while we were creating awareness about the same in rural areas, the government put it in GST slab. Because of this, women who are daily wage workers could not afford the sanitary napkins. I protested against the same. I had written a letter to the government to exempt the same from GST,” Chaya Kakde, Social Activist.

Taxing sanitary napkins is not good. Now women who cannot afford will be able to buy sanitary napkins. And this will women in saving money,” Priyanka Jadhav, Student.

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