Mumbai's last chance to save its trees?

    Mumbai's last chance to save its trees?
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    Septuagenarian Nina Verma does not believe in giving up. The Supreme Court may have allowed the MMRC to go ahead and fell nearly 5000 trees that are in the way of the Metro 3 project. But Verma, who petitioned the SC and lost, is now counting on the judicial committee appointed by the Mumbai High Court to help save the trees.

    Several hundred trees, some of the 150 to 500 years old, in areas like Colaba, Churchgate, Mumbai Central and Prabhadevi will soon face the axe to make way for Metro 3. Verma and her Save Trees group met the committee while it was evaluating the tree felling exercise on Wednesday morning. Verma and her friends pointed out to the committee the improper way in which the trees are being felled and transplanted and made another impassioned plea for saving the remaining standing trees.

    The Mumbai HC has appointed the special committee to look into the grievances of complainants like Save Trees. Verma has now sought some design changes in the project, says Save Trees' Ashwin Nagpal. The committee was receptive to Save Trees' suggestions, says Nagpal.

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