Viral Video: Six Youth Seen Riding Scooter In Mumbai

The Mumbai Traffic Police have reportedly used CCTV footage to apprehend the flouters.

Viral Video: Six Youth Seen Riding Scooter In Mumbai

A few days ago, a video of six youth riding a single scooter in Mumbai went on viral on Twitter. Amidst this, reports claim that the Mumbai Traffic Police have used CCTV footage to apprehend the flouters. 

A resident of the city, who witnessed the incident took a video and uploaded it on the social media platform while also tagging the Mumbai Traffic Police. The authority replied asking the resident to share his contact details via a direct message. They looked to garner further information from him. 

An assistant police inspector of the Oshiwara traffic division was quoted in reports elaborating on how the video only captured the license plate partially. Thus, they were seeking details from the RTO and at the same time are also going through CCTV footage near the spot to trace the offenders' movements. 

The viral video has gained immense traction on Twitter with many having a humorous reaction, while some drew contrast to the condition in other cities in across India. On the other hand, others believed that policy issues are propelling people to undertake such steps. 

Likewise, CCTV footage is often used by authorities to nab offenders. Nearly a year ago, accounts were doing the rounds that the officials are aiming to install 3 lakh CCTV cameras, and as a first step, Mumbai Police will soon get 7,000 additional CCTV cameras.

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