BMC shares more details about the unauthorised vaccination drive held in Kandivali

As per reports, the vaccine vials used at Hiranandani Housing Society were expected to be sent to Daman and Diu. BMC and Mumbai Police are further investigating the matter and the black marketing of the vaccine.

BMC shares more details about the unauthorised vaccination drive held in Kandivali

A few days back, Mumbai Police arrested five men with regards to a vaccination scam reported by the residents of the Hiranandani Housing Society in Kandivali. Residents mentioned that the vaccine vials were broken and upon understanding the same, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials began investigating the matter. A recently share update regarding the case states that the vaccines administered were not fake. Information regarding the same was told by the BMC officials in an interview with India Today

Besides this, the doses of vaccines used for the camp were procured from the stock expected to be sent to Daman and Diu, said the administration. Messages or certificates were not received by the residents and a few did not report symptoms either. This raised concerns among the people in the society who then filed a complaint with the government authorities and the police. 

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To shed more light on this camp, Municipal Corporation had sought information from the Serum Institute of India (SII) to find out more about the vaccine administered at the camp. Responding to the query, SII confirmed that the vaccine used here were to be sent to Daman and Diu in Gujarat. This information was further shared with the Mumbai Police for official purposes. 

Authorities from the BMC informed that a detailed investigation will be conducted to understand how the men received the vaccine and the police will look into the matter further. Concerned departments have also been asked to check the information regarding the racket operating the black market of vaccines. 

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Sharing more thought, an official said, "We are investigating how these vaccines were diverted from vaccination centres to camps, and will also learn how they have been brought from one state to another. It is necessary to know the method of supply and investigation will help further.

Meanwhile, the state government informed the Bombay High Court that over 2,000 people have been duped through the fake vaccination camps in Mumbai. This information was shared during the hearing on a petition filed regarding the difficulties faced by the people in getting the coronavirus vaccine. Noting that numerous vaccination scams, the High Court expressed concerns and asked the matter to be investigated, and also regarding the safety and side effects of the fake vaccine. 

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Additional information is expected to be shared by the officials post the investigation. 

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