Water Level In Lakes Soar, Levels Infringe 70% Mark

Four out of seven lakes that supply water to Mumbai have overflowed thus current water levels could last for 263 days.

Water Level In Lakes Soar, Levels Infringe 70% Mark

Water levels in the lakes that supply water to Mumbai, on Wednesday, passed the 10-lakh-million litre mark, which is 70% of the needed supply. By the end of the season, according to reports, over 14 lakh million litres of water should be available in the lakes. Taking the current stock into consideration, it could sustain for 263 days.

Additionally, the concerned authorities have signalled a possible rise in rain activity in areas of Mumbai and Thane for 30-31 July.

In August last year, the BMC had imposed a 20% water cut, owing to the scare water availability in the lakes. However, in comparison to this year, narratives claim that officials from the BMC have signalled that possibly no water cut may be imposed this year, in Mumbai.

In the seven water supplying lakes to the city, 50% of its total water portion has been crossed. As of Wednesday, it held 10.13 lakh million litres which is 70.05%. Contrasting to last year at the same time, the number stood at 4.37 lakh million litres which is 32.69%. Modak Sagar, Tansa, Tulsi and Vihar have overflowed, to date. Except for Tansa whose water stock stands at 99%, the rest three have 100% water stock.

On Wednesday, the MET department made a forecast for the next five days, herein they signalled heavy rain at isolated places in Mumbai, Thane and Raigad from July 30-31 which is a “yellow” alert. On August 1, on the other hand,” "green” alert has been issued, signalling “light to moderate” rain.

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