Encounter specialist makes a comeback to the Mumbai Police Department

Encounter specialist makes a comeback to the Mumbai Police Department

Mumbai police is known to be staffed with real life heroes and daredevils thus setting an example for the police fraternity in the other cities. As a matter of fact, just the name alone of some officers sends waves of terrors in criminals. One amongst them is Encounter Specialist Pradeep Sharma. After a dismissal of 4 long years, the Maharshtra Administrative Tribunal has issued a resinstation order to him.

Pradeep Sharma was actually dismissed from the police department on the account conducting a fake encounter on Lakhan Bhaiya. However, the sessions court had declared him not guilty in this case, yet his services was not reinstated after which he went to the Administrative Tribunal Court where the court ordered him to resume his services.

Sharma had joined the police force in the capacity of a sub-inspector in the year 1983. When he stepped into Mumbai, the underworld was already at its peak and people like Daud Ibrahim and Chota Rajan were already on the hit-list of the police. Sharma, had already conducted an encounter for two infamous criminals in his early years of joining the Mumbai Police after which he earned quite a repute in the whole of the police department of Mumbai. Pradeep has more than 100 encounters to his record. In fact, the Nana Patekar starrer film called ‘Ab Tak Chappan’ was based on his life story.

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