Mumbai police arrests fake student with an 'interesting' modus operandi

Mumbai police arrests fake student with an 'interesting' modus operandi

“Hello, sir...Did you recognize me?” are the words of a accused who used to befriend professors, take money from them and used to run away. The Mumbai police were helped by an alert professor to nab him.

Ishtiyak Sayyed aka Rohit Pitambar
The arrested Ishtiyak Sayyad had an interesting modus operandi. He used to go to colleges and used to introduce him as ‘Rohit Pitambar’. After meeting professors, he used to inform them that he is their former student and did his further studies from the Cambridge University. He then used to tell them that he works in a bank but has returned in Mumbai because of his mother's illness and is in need of money. Professors used to feel bad and then he used to lend him money. The reason professors used to lend money because Ishtiyak used to demand not much but 4,000 to 5,000 and then used to flee with the money. 

Alert professor exposes the accused
On Friday, Ishtiyak entered Mumbai University to dupe another professor. He met Balkrishana Bhosale and introduced him as his former student. After telling his story, he asked for the money. However, professor Bhosale smelled something suspicious and looked for his name in the University’s records but did not find him. He then called the police and send him behind the bars. Confirming the same, senior PI, Kalpana Gadekar said, "we have arrested the accused and we are extracting the information as to how many professors he has duped."

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