A jeweler who planned his own murder

    A jeweler who planned his own murder
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    Chembur- Police solved the murder case of a jeweller who planned his own murder for insurance money.

    On 15th January, people woke up to news of murder where a jeweller was stabbed by a sharp weapon. N Satish (34) was found murdered at Kamala guest house. Police reached the spot and started the investigation. During the investigation, they came to know that deceased had planned his own murder with the help of his friends.
    Before committing suicide, Satish laid out the plan to his friends. According to the plan, he asked his friends to slash his wrists after him committing suicide. His friends followed the plan and then slashed Satish’s wrists creating a scene of murder. Satish was reeling under debt and so he planned his own murder. He told his friends that insurance company will not pay him until police prove that he was murdered. 
    However, the police solved the case and caught Satish's friends. Initially, police booked them for murdering but after solving the case, police put them behind the bars for helping him to suicide.


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