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    Antop Hill – Sharing light moments with our friends we often end up saying, Should I kidnap you and ask your dad for the ransom… hahaha…. Jokes apart, now a day’s whenever you switch a channel, you see loads of crime series. On one hand, it is very informative and tends to alert us and be watchful. While on other hand, it may be of help for a criminal as in how to go about his act. Dileep Rai has been arrested by the Mumbai Police from Dahanu station in wake of kidnapping a 10-year-old boy on 18 January. After kidnapping the boy, he took the contact number of his dad and asked for ransom. The ransom amount that he demanded was Rs 10,000. As per police sources, the kidnapper carried out this act after watching crime serial. Mumbai Police in order to nab the kidnapper went along with boy’s parents to the place where ransom was to be delivered. Dileep will be in police custody till 24 January.

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