Scotland yard negates to help: CBI to HC

    Pali Hill
    Scotland yard negates to help: CBI to HC
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    Mumbai- Scotland yard has refused to help CBI in solving the murder case of rationalist Narendra Dhabolkar, Govind Pansare, MM Kalburgi. CBI informed Bombay High Court that Scotland Yard has stated that there is no pact signed between India and England so they can't help CBI with this.

    It was suspected that the assassination of Narendra Dabolkar and Govind Pansare were done from the same gun. CBI also submitted, in a sealed cover, a report from Ahmedabad Forensic Laboratory on ballistic evidence related to the killing of the three rationalists, including M M Kalburgi in Karnataka, the third such report, the other two being those of Mumbai and Bengaluru labs. CBI was hoping for help from Scotland Yard to solve this case.
    After the clear refusal of Scotland Yard, CBI had taken the report from Ahmedabad FSL and handed the report to the court. Court has prohibited CBI from revealing leaking it in public.

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