Students perform fatal stunts

    Students perform fatal stunts
    Mumbai  -  

    Santacruz - Have you ever been so upset, that you sliced your own wrist? Ok, have you ever been in love and cut your wrist? This is a deadly stunt don't think to do it ever in your life. But what about somebody dares you to do so, even then don't do that. A deadly incident happened in Chimanlal Nathuram School, Santacruz. Students studying in standard seventh did perform that deadly yet foolish talk.

    Out of these 7 students, three were girls. The students did it on Tuesday, they were playing a game in which they all dared each one of them to slit their wrist and gosh! they performed it. The madness didn't stop here they went and served it on the internet does this act will cause any infection, next morning they all came to school. All of them applied bandages on the wrist. Students told everything to the teachers when they sensed that something is wrong.

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