Being a professor isn’t an easy job. Meeting deadlines and correcting the examination papers can get really hectic for college professors. Colleges have been handed a week off so that the July 31 deadline is met. In the midst of all the pressure, professors are correcting answer sheets with complete dedication as they are responsible for a student’s future.

In all this chaos, Mumbai University’s officer on special duty, Vinayak Dalvi has allegedly added pressure on the professors according to former professor, Neeraj Hatekar. He expressed his discontent on Facebook.

Professors were obliged to login for at least 40 hours on the four-day holiday between 24th and 27th July. Many professors have not logged in during this period and will be served a notice by the university.

According to Hatekar, professors are working even though the facilities are not up to the mark but they’re still being pressurized unnecessarily.

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