Junk food banned in school canteens

Junk food banned in school canteens

Students who usually relish so-called ‘tasty food’ in their school canteens will have to control their taste buds as the State government has banned the ‘HFSS food’ (High in fat, salt and sugar) to be served or prepared in the school canteens. The school education and sports department issued the notification in this regard on Monday. With this order, the pizza, burger, cold drinks, etc, will not be seen in school canteens anymore.

The Central government is insisting on providing school students with the food having nutrients. The government had also formed a committee to inspire the schools to provide such food to students. The said committee in its report has recommended certain items to be served and not to be served in the school canteens.

The HFSS food is held responsible for the increase in obesity and other diseases among the students. It badly affects their educational progress and hence such food should be banned, recommended the committee. Following these recommendations, the State government has taken the said decision.

The school principal and management has to make sure that such food is not prepared and sold in the school canteen.

Banned food items: 

Potato chips, chips made by local producers
Serbat, ice golas
Carbonated and non-carbonated cold drinks
Rasgullas, Gulab Jamun, sweets, Kalakand, Jellies
Jam, Pastry, Noodles, Pizza, Burger
Panipuri, Cake, Biscuits, Buns, Candies, Chocolates
Bundi, Imrati, etc.

What will now be served in school canteens?
Wheat Rotis, Chapatis/Parathas
Rice, Vegetables, Pulao, Black Grams, Rajma, Pulses
Kari, Idli, Sambhar, Wadas

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