Selected BMC schools in Mumbai to have CBSE and ICSE syllabus

This move will first be tested in some schools as per the plan. The proposal was recently approved by Senior BMC officials at a recently held meeting. Teachers would be trained for the same and will have to undergo interviews and screening tests.


Many schools in the city are run by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and with an aim to improve the standard of education, the respective department in the municipality has decided to introduce the CBSE and ICSE syllbus in selected  schools.

The department had submitted a proposal  to  BMC chief Pravin Pardeshi and this was approved at a meeting held on Tuesday.

This move will first be tested in the new academic year (2020-21) as a pilot project in two schools and the decision was taken to improve the admission process in some schools. As per the decision taken, the ICSE board syllabus will be implemented only at Mahim's Woolenmill Municipal School and the CBSE board syllabus at some schools in Poonam Nagar, Jogeshwari East.

It is also proposed that some students will also be able to get admission for free and the names will be selected through a lottery process, the advertisements and announcements for which will be released soon.

Talking about the same, the chairperson of the education deaprtment, Anjali Naik, said, “We have approved the proposal for starting CBSE and ICSE syllabi in BMC schools. Initially, only two schools have been selected on a pilot basis. If we get positive response, then will go ahead with the other schoolNo fees will be charged for enrollment into these courses."  

The team has further decided to not hire any new staff as the schools currently have qualified teachers. who will have to undergo interviews and screening tests for eligibility, and will further  be given training as per the new syllabus. Education department will also be providing the necessary funds from the allotted budget and the process for the same has begun.

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