Mumbai Police takes action against 103 Mandals with regards to noise pollution

The Bombay High Court had banned the DJs and put a restriction on using loudspeakers. However, since several mandals did not pay heed to the regulations, the police took action against them.


Recently, Mumbai Police took action against more than 103 Ganpati Mandals after they were found with DJs who played songs on loudspeakers. Earlier, Bombay High Court had imposed a ban on DJs and had instructed the officials to take action against anyone breaking the rules.

Manjunath Singe stated that the police took action against the Ganpati Mandals and conducted an investigation regarding the same.

The DJ and similar instruments’ noise reaches up to 100 decibels and in order to control the noise pollution, the court had taken a firm stand and imposed a ban on the loudspeakers and DJs. The court imposed the ban after state government’s Attorney General Ashutosh Kumbhkoni approached the court regarding the issue this year.

The Mandals have been prosecuted in regard to breaking the noise pollution regulations.

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