Dharavi reports zero COVID-19 cases on Monday, A first since second wave

Dharavi reports zero COVID-19 cases on Monday, A first since second wave

On Monday, June 14, Dharavi reportedly recorded zero positive cases of coronavirus. This happens to be the first time since the slum area recorded zero cases since the outbreak of the second COVID-19 wave. 

Meanwhile, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal on Monday issued fresh orders prohibiting any private centre from outside Mumbai to hold vaccination camps in the city. Moreover, the order informed that no centres will be allowed to have any kind of political party hoardings, banners, posters within the vaccination centres. This comes in wake of several political party persons in the city holding vaccination camps in some cases even facilitating the same for large housing societies.

According to reports, on February 2, zero cases were reported in Dharavi following which cases started to rise steadily. Between March and April, when the pandemic was at its peak, nearly 70-90 cases were being recorded daily on average in the biggest slum area of Mumbai. Moreover, between May 31 and June 3, Dharavi has recorded only two-three cases daily. Civic officials attributed the steady decline in cases with the receding case tally in Mumbai.

Furthermore, testing plans are being drafted to control the infection, and clean up marshals have been deployed in several areas under the directive of the municipality. In recent developments, the Mumbai Police has taken up the task of disciplining the citizens through patrolling.

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