Kamband Andolan: Intern Doctors protest across Maharashtra to press their demands

The interns are protesting as the administration did not respond to their demands for a salary hike


Across Mumbai and Thane, more than 600 trainee doctors have started a ‘Kamband Andolan’ because the administration failed to increase their salary. Earlier, the trainees wrote a letter to the hospital administration but there was no response.  

In Maharashtra, it is mandatory for the medical students to pursue an internship for one year and compared to other states, the interns get lower pay. Thus, they demanded their pay to increase to ₹20,000 and they wrote a letter to Health Minister Deepak Sawant in this regard. However, there was no answer which led them to protest. Almost 2700 interns from across the state are protesting to press their demands.

Intern Doctors Organisation Secretary, Dr Gokul Rakh said,

There was no outcome of the meeting between the administration and our organisation on June 12. Thus, we started the strike and until our demands are met, we will continue the strike.” 

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