1,333 BEST Employees Are Suffering From Severe Oral Diseases

In order to curb the tobacco addiction of BEST employees, Magic mix which acts as a substitute, was distributed to them at Wadala Bus Depot.

1,333 BEST Employees Are Suffering From Severe Oral Diseases

In a recent survey that was conducted by Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) authorities, it was found that over 3,333 BEST employees consume tobacco and over 1,333 employees are suffering from chronic diseases related to oral health. 

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Taking into consideration the severity of the situation, on World Tobacco Day on May 31, BEST introduced Magic Mix for its employees to get rid of tobacco. Magic Mix contains ingredients like fennel seeds, cinnamon, clove and rice powder which acts as a substitute to tobacco. The rice powder acts as a substitute to slaked lime. 

Anil Patankar and Sunil Ganacharya, Chairmen of the BEST Committee launched and distributed Magic Mix to the BEST employees at Wadala Bus Depot. Not only does Magic Mix acts as a substitute to tobacco but is also a healthy option which controls diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity.  BEST has reportedly spent only ₹10,000 on this campaign which in turn could enhance the health of the BEST employees.  

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