Expose - a new scam in Mhada

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    Mumbai - In a sting operation, Mumbai Live has exposed the unholy nexus between real estate agents and corrupt officials in the state government’s housing authority.

    In an audio clip, an estate agent says that if you want to get the key of your allotted flat, then be ready to spend Rs 1 lakh. He further says that on paying a bribe, everything gets easy.
    The next voice says, “Will I know for whom you work?” The agent replies, “Shrinath Estate Realties.”
    Mill workers who spent their whole life working hard in the mills had to fight a long battle of 25 years with the government. Finally, they are now getting their rightful place for living under rehabilitation scheme. But real estate agents, taking undue benefit of their proximity to concerned corrupt officers and political connection, have started grabbing the flats of mill workers.
    The prospective flat owner asks further, “Is Rathod sir has to be given Rs 2 lakh?”
    The estate agent replies, “Sir do not ask directly for money. People around him accept a bribe.”
    “Does he take money at the time of giving the key of flat?”
    “Yes,” replies the agent.
    Mumbai Live sting clearly reveals the name of the concerned officer and his relation with the agent. Now, who is the officer and what is his relation with the agent?
    Sakesh (agent) says, “You know Khapre takes money but does the work. Last time, we completed 450 such deals.”
    These agents, who already remain well informed about all the details of the person qualified under the scheme, use a unique modus operandi even to sell the newly allotted flats.
    “You have qualified for the flat. Do you want to sell it?”
    The next plan of these agents involves searching for the prospective buyers for these allotted flats. All the details are sought from the MHADA office and qualified beneficiaries are given offers. They are given half the price at the time of giving documents and the remaining after handing over the keys. The flat owner gives the NOC and a power of attorney is prepared under which a mill worker signs a lease and leave agreement with the buyer who then resides in the flat for 10 years and the buyer then becomes the owner of such a flat.
    What attracts the mill worker to sign such a deal? The agent offers mill worker the following package: 
    Amount to be deposited to get the flat: Rs 9.5 lakh
    Stamp duty papers: Rs 1 lakh
    To get possession soon from MHADA: Rs 2 lakh
    For hectic office work and travelling cost: Rs 50,000
    The amount offered to the owner to sell flat: Rs 18 lakh
    This way, the mill worker earns a gross profit of Rs 5 lakh from such a deal.
    In all, there is no fear of law among these real estate agents and the concerned MHADA officials. The government will have to answer who these people are and who is their boss?

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